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招聘职位:EHS Officer
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Job Position :EHS Officer
Job Employment Status: full-time
No. of vacancies: 1
Geographical Location: Shenzhen, China
Job Description:
• Support the implementation of the JE Group’s EHS Management System, and ensures compliance with the company’s EHS policies in the Shajing operations.
• Coordinate with the operational department and lead implementation of site EHS procedures. Develop local work procedures to comply with legal obligations, leverage the good EHS practices at the Shajing sites.
• Provide professional industrial hygiene, chemical management and machine safety advices to operation, maintenance and facility departments to ensure a healthy work environment, proper chemical handling and production machine and
equipment safety.
• Facilitate the implementation of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 management systems in the company.
• Lead investigation of industrial accidents, dangerous occurrences, fires and other incidents to determine their causes and make recommendations to avoid recurrence by taking corrective and prevention actions.
• Maintain a system for recording, reporting and investigating injuries, accidents and dangerous occurrences. Provide statistical summaries for managers' review and draw attention to significant trends and occurrences.
• Conduct job risk assessment and walk through audits to identify unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions, and make recommendations on improvement actions.
• Participate in various types of EHS compliance and/or management system audits to ensure our systems are aligned with local, national and Corporate requirements.
• Provide EHS Training to employees in the company so as to improve the technical skills, safety and environmental awareness.
• Track and update EHS regulations and take actions to ensure the Company is always in compliance with EHS laws.
Academic & Personal Qualification:
• Bachelor degree with Engineering, Chemistry, or EHS educational background.
• Minimum 3 Years of experience in EHS field.
• Comprehensive knowledge of Health & Safety requirements, compliance and good EHS management practices.
• Good communication, interpersonal and project management skills.
• Capable to work with people at different levels and ability to adapt and create positive safety culture.
• Registered Safety Officer / National Registered Safety Engineer / are preferred.
• Good skills in both Chinese and English.
If interested, please send your JD to Mr. Chen:

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